Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry

The current form of your teeth are improved to a more pleasing presentation based on your wishes and desires.

Whitening – A simple yet effective way to change how your smile looks, we offer 3 different methods to whiten your teeth: Custom trays, Opalescence Go, and Zoom.

Custom trays and bleach gel is the most predictable and time-tested method of whitening teeth. Trays made from models of your teeth are used as a carrier to hold beach gel on your teeth anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight over a period of 2-3 weeks to achieve the desired result. Once the desired level of whitening has been attained, the trays are used to periodically to maintain your result.

“Opalescence Go” allows you to walk out of the office with disposable take home trays on the same day. This method offers 10 days of bleaching in an application similar to Crest White Strips but using stronger bleach giving the tooth better coverage.

“Zoom!” an in office whitening procedure, where we can give your whitening a “jump start” to accelerate the desired whitening outcome. This method is most commonly followed up with take home trays and bleach gel (included as part of the ZOOM! procedure) to further enhance the whitening result as well as providing you a way to maintain the result overtime. This is a great choice for patients who want a faster result who may have not been successful in the past whitening with take home methods alone.

Free Hand Bonding – Dr. Hutchinson has had extensive training in the use of tooth colored bonding materials to restore teeth in a more conservative (involving little to no tooth preparation) and comprehensive fashion with a more affordable approach than with the use of crowns or ceramic veneers. Oftentimes, these techniques can be used to help a patient be able to say yes to a larger case when a lot of teeth require restorations at the same time. Freehand Bonding is an intricate procedure that repairs chipped, cracked, worn, unattractive or otherwise damaged teeth. We also use this process to close gaps, lengthen teeth, or improve alignment.  This allows us to improve your smile with artistic, highly detailed precision, in a very conservative manner. Free Hand bonding is one of Dr. Hutchinson’s favorite methods to improve a smile with potentially dramatic results while still being a conservative approach.

Ceramic Veneers – If you are in need of a dramatic smile make over that looks incredibly natural. This treatment helps to mask unattractive teeth by placing a very thin, yet strong, porcelain “shell” over the front of a natural tooth that maintains a high level of polish and luster that lasts for several years longer than bonding can.

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