Frequently Asked Questions


Can you close spaces, lengthen or repair chipped and broken teeth?
Yes. We offer free hand bonding to close gaps, lengthen, cover discolorations, and repair chips using an advanced material that matches to the shade of your teeth, we can also change the shade of your teeth if desired.

Are your lab materials, crowns, partials, etc. made in the United States?
Yes. All materials, crowns, veneers and partials are fabricated in the United States with FDA approved alloys, porcelains and materials. The majority of our crowns are fabricated in office utilizing state of the art, proven materials.

How can I whiten my teeth?
We have several methods that we use to whiten teeth. We can evaluate your teeth to determine and suggest the method that fits your situation and needs.

What ages of patients do you treat?
We treat patients of all ages.

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